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Earth Craft

Terracotta jewellery.

“Playing with clay - Reena’s terracotta creations go well with everyday wear”
- The Hindu

‘Mud is my first guide in finding designs and forms. As I work with clay, ideas flow. The hand alone knows what to do. My keen observation of things around, nature, forms etc also stimulate or give me ideas for my designs. Even in my dreams, forms come to my mind very vividly. I keep my mind alive all through and that is the way to create anything. What you create should feel alive. I have a small kit of wooden tools but everything that is around becomes a tool for me. All that I used to throw as wasteful once has become a tool today to make things of beauty. And if you are into a creative frame of mind, you will be surprised to see how everything around becomes alive with possibilities.’

Reena Kappen


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Earth Craft - Teracotta Jewelleries

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