Fibres of Hope
  Fibre as material:
  The work of art sets itself back into the material, where it comes to bear and rest. The fibres used in these works are banana, white cotton, coloured rags, rice paper, wood dust and colours. Fresh papers as they are made, before drying are placed in layers to create an inter-play of fibres. The work is nothing but a celebration of and with material, an experience of its aura and energy. In these works the material is an integral component of art. The material does not efface itself in being subservient to mere usefulness in making art. The art sets forth the material and the material sets forth the art, as a temple sculpture sets forth the stone and the stone, the sculpture.
  Fibre a s metaphor:
  Fibre as a metaphor of the elements and components that go into relationships - metaphor of connectivity and relatedness, between human and between humans and earth.
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