Paul Kurien
It was about 2.30 in the morning in 1992 or so, he came to the door, rang the bell. We were in deep sleep just as any other 'family persons' in the city... He had an aluminum pot in his hand three quarter filled with sardine fish curry. He kept the pot on the petrol tank of his Rajdood motorbike and drove all the way to our house at that wee hour. With a deep smile blossomed the from depth of pain, he said. John, I know you love fish curry. I made this for you. The fishes in the pot stared at us, Reena and myself, its gills and scales were not removed but put all in some turmeric water. Reena took the pot from his hand and asked him to come in and rest. It was couple of weeks before his Self was freed from pain and gravity in ways that no one knows
Probably he was trying to connect with us through a form and language what we know about. A gentle bodily connection which the fish curry would facilitate. We sat in moments of love, that was oozed out of wound. I do not know if I prayed then, but at this age, I do, let no one be abandoned as he was
Paul Kurien, was one of those few geniuses JNU has seen, about whom, I have heard, E P Thompson had written after his visit to india, 'one can expect a star from India'.
Mother and Child
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