Bodhi Vana
Bodhi Vana at Visthar is conceived as a sacred grove. Sacred groves are spaces that protect and preserve rare fauna and flora, that the Earth can return to, to regenerate Herself. It is the primal store house of Life. The Bodhi vana is designed as a place for reflection inspired by the ecological meanings of the sacred groves. 
The first saplings, in this space, were planted in 2004 with advice received from Dr. A.N Yellappareddy, the renowned conservator of natural forest. We planted peepal and banyan trees, bilva patra, amla, fig, neem, etc. To purpose a reflection we have inter connected these trees and space with a  well, a circular wall, lily pond and a small architectural space. As you enter the Bodhi Vana, to your right is the old dry well, lost its meaning and once abandoned, but for the last 16 years has been repurposed as a well of regeneration: A new meaning that we too need to instill among ourselves for the healing of all. As an extension of the form of the well is a circular wall. It is a wall that brings our focus to the Discarded. Engaging with the discarded often will help open us to the intelligence and inner working of the small, the insignificant, the formless - the things at the edges and that are out of our vicinity. They all are to come alive in our consciousness, as fundamental life forces playing vital roles to sustain earth and life. 
The architectural space is an intimate small space, a pyramidal structure from four feet below the earth pointing to the sky. It connects earth and sky like a tree. The space invites you to sit, to sit in the company co-seekers, to heal ourselves and the suffering Earth. To regenerate the earth and us within the meaning and glory of mutual fecundity. 
16 07 2020
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