The ‘Pyramid of Custodian of Seeds’  was like the shell 
of a seed made of loosely woven cotton fabric and bamboo.  
The visitor entering the pyramid through the slit in the fabric 
which represents the eye of the seed , becomes one with the seed; 
it was an act of honoring the covenant between the custodians and seeds

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A good farmer spends her time with the soil and Life. She works day and night to preserve Life and Health. A good farmer’s work helps to keep the moisture of the frogs from going dry, the moisture of the ecosystem, and also that of the community.
With thoughtful keeping and care farmers make even small, ordinary and unassuming things special, bearing societal significance. Tilling the land, placing seeds, nurturing life, farmers fight perversion of our time. A lonely and silent fight. A fight without shout, hype or drumming. She does not wait for anyone. Hers is a fight meditating on soil.​​​​​​​
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