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The soil becomes complete only when the seeds sprouts, the seed sprouts only when it is touched by water. 
The water does not have colour, form, fragrance and taste, but when it touches the seed it sprouts all these. 
The role of Art is that. To touch. 
It is not the art that should assume 
the colour, form and fragrance 
but that which it tries to touch.

Solutions to environmentally and socially damaging human practices today requires re-establishing the connection with agriculture and other earth-caring practices. Agriculture is not a technical activity of applying science to food production but rather a socio-cultural practice, rich with deep rooted meanings for the people involved. Agriculture is farming and farming is responsible keeping, breeding, and rearing. It is soil, seed, moisture, warmth, air, vulnerability, and also pests, weeds, and affection. It is observation and staying alert, it is people and relationships. Industrial agriculture is the antonym of it
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