Supporting the relentless fights B.D. Sharmaji was doing towards the cause of farmers I got opportunity to contribute a series of drawings for his hand book titled “Tell me,  my dear Friend! What is the price of my labour in your accounts?”
A note on the use Birds as motif. 
I have taken birds as the central motif in a visual unfolding of the story told by Dr. B.D Sharmaji. I hope this motif helps connect these images to larger realities: to the natural world, to other forms of life. Just as traditional agriculture does, rooted in universal currents. The birds connect the images to folk traditions of storytelling. I hope for the birds to symbolize the innocence, vulnerability, and universality that I associate also with traditional farmers. The use of birds as a central motif was inspired by the book ‘The Buddha’s Law among the Birds’ by Edward Conze. Some of my images here are inspired by images found there. C.F. John    
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