Designed by Vivek  Radhakrishnan, a project of Kynkyny Art Gallery, produced as a limited  edition furniture.    
As we journey we gather objects, arrange them in our homes.  On walls, floor, ceiling, parapet walls,  around the house…  often they do not hold any hierarchy. They are there constantly viewed by the members of family, by the visitors..
We view them at times passively and at times actively. 
Through time those forms become integral part of our own making.  Become part of us.
Through times also we remove some of it and replace with new ones.   This is a continuing process,  started from early days of our lives to the end.
An important preoccupation that has been a compelling force within me is employed while working on this project.  That is to hold the grace of things and people that are connected with us.
We all started building relationships with people, earth and forms / objects from early days of our lives.
As children we have fought for things, have grabbed it from brothers or sisters or friends.  At least some of us would have stolen things, and some of us would have gifted things …. 
It has been a journey of buying, taking or giving. ….
Through times we remove, discard some of them and replace with other new items. ​​​​​​​
We arrange them in our own spaces.      
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