In this section is listed a series of art events initiated and facilitated by C.F. John and a collaborated effort of artists from Bangalore 

An Introduction
The art projects evolved and came about the way it happened was from the inner compulsion arose out of specific socio-cultural contexts. It was an exploration in varying possibilities in terms of forms, materials, content, the understanding of space, and most significantly interaction with other artists and local communities. By creatively interacting with other artists and communities I was able to wrestle with my own freedom. 
Every artist has within himself or herself an entire world. If there are six artists working on one group project, six different worlds must be holistically integrated into the final exhibition. Interaction between the worlds was made possible only with a sense of responsibility and sensitivity. Group interaction encouraged artists to reflect on each others work, knowledge, skills, temperament, and methods and incorporate their individual relationships into the totality of the show. Each artist was forced to strip him or herself of a totalitarian approach to art and become inclusive of multiple approaches to creation. 
Learning from the past, I was hesitant to form a formal group. I was cautious of the fact that forming a group could easily slip into the rigidity and dogmatic character of institutions, eventually becoming a victim of our own dogma. Hence, I made an attempt to bring together individual artists in an informal and organic manner. Participating artists varied from show to show. Creative interactions among the artists allowed for the individuals to freely collaborate and informally influence each other.
Till date I have initiated and facilitated ten large scale site and theme specific art events with installations, performance and photography. An average of 6 to 7 artists worked with me in each projects. 
Cultural spiral (1993), Supported and presented by Visthar.
Silence of Furies and Sorrows- pages of a burning city (1995), Supported and presented by Visthar. 
Quest for Celebration and Question on Waste ( 1996), Presented by Visthar.
Territory – an art event (1998), Supported and presented by Visthar. 
Paper Trails (1999), Self-funded workshop.
Celebrating Mangroves ( 1999), Presented by National Fish workers forum. 
Walls of Memories – an art event of unresolved edges (2003), Supported by India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) and presented by Visthar.
Quilted ( 2003), Supported by India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) and presented by Sumukha Art Gallery.
Let me come to your wounds, heal myself (2020), Supported and presented by Fair Trade Alliance Kerala (FTAK)
For the names of the participating artists, context, introduction to the shows and images, please visit the respective pages.   
- C.F. John 
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