Francis of Assisi

Sifting through sorrow, suffering and temptation, 
Sinking body into earth and mounting towards heaven,
Francis went to the very edges
To understand and love the body 
To understand that the body and the spirit are not different 

To understand that the warmth that makes the tree blossom 
also makes us blossom within

To understand that the birds, animals, trees, 
rocks, thorns, the body of the earth and 
our body all share the same seasons 

To understand that all things, all in the same way, 
shrivel in the cold, go dormant, wait, 
desire for union, allow warmth to caress, 
labor, feel pain, blossom and rest in satisfaction. 

Francis stayed open 
with questions, 
with humility and trust 

Clay soaked in love, 
celebrating beauty.  

 C.F. John 
Kabir says, brother
I have gone crazy-
quietly, quietly, like a thief
my mind has slipped into the simple state. 
                                    - Kabir – the weaver’s songs, translated by Vinay Dharwadker penguin
…Be strong, and enter into your own body; for there our foothold is
firm, Consider it well, O my heart! go not elsewhere.
Kabir says: ‘put all imaginations away, and stand fast in that which you are’. 
    - poems of Kabir, complete works of Rabindranath Tagore, M.B.D publishers   
…Once I knew what I had to do,
I gave up singing;
my sermons, my satires,
my aphorisms, my tales.

Kabir says, those who break
the circuit of the senses
aren’t very far
from the supreme station... 
          - Kabir – the weaver’s songs, translated by Vinay Dharwadker penguin  
The Nest
Sometimes we spot them—
the birds rushing with twigs, grass, and feathers.

An urgency that is sacred. 
An anticipation, a purposefulness.

We smell them in the air, the trees, and the soil.

A silent song. 

A continuum she has no control over.

But her body is all eyes,
watching all the eyes —

the boy, the snake, the cat, 
and the storm spiraling up.

What would you call it,
this persistence
of sacred duty?

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