When we drum and celebrate personalities of different professions and hold them as our common pride, we have in our midst a people who walks the land and work without names, address and honors, works day and night making a difference in our lives. Still they remain outside our consciousness.
Here we list some people who have made a difference to the region
The cultural practices and other discourses that we engage today often stems from and address an abstract and floating reality. It may have to do with a line of thought from distant history or an abstract notion of identity, or even a notion of justice. But these preoccupations are held disregarding and defying stories of the immediate living, or the land-and-place-centered identity or the respect and justice that the neighbor deserves. Such abstract cultural forms lure our minds with curiosity and astonishment and also flame our head by making uneasy moments loom large. Preoccupation with abstracted thoughts and forms result in the loss of our own inner thinking. It uproots us from our capacity to discern because abstraction makes us lose sight of interconnections.
Whereas a socially and ethically conscious regenerative process allows us to gather all the necessary elements and sensibility of the context to interact and work together. It preserves multifunctional roles and nurtures a place-centered identity and culture. It enhances abundance, adaptability and resilience, and brings health and vitality to the community, whereby inner thoughts of a living system are preserved.
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